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Family Lifestyle Session

My first blog, yay! This beautiful family were so fun to photograph. Capturing families as naturally as possible, allowing their connection and love for one another to shine through. Telling people they don't need to look at the camera, instantly you seem them relax. Family lifestyle sessions are my absolute favourite, and I hope I can convince you the same. I can't preach enough about how important family photos are. Having mum, dad and children all in a photo together. Only this morning my hairdresser was telling me a story about how an elderly man, an only child, was looking for a family photo of himself with his mum and dad, and the only one he had was the day he started school. In 60 odd years he only had one single family photo to cherish. Mum's and Dad's, don't wait until you lose that weight, don't worry if you haven't had your hair or nails done, don't worry if you don't like photos of yourself. Because when your children look back on those photos, and they won't see any insecurities, they will just see their mum and dad, and the love you have for one another <3

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